Campus++ School Management System

The cost-effective end-to-end over-the-Internet solution for school operation management with Enterprise back-office modules.

Campus++ (plus plus) is a suite of business software solution which seamlessly integrates school management and on-line students, faculties and parents’ web portal, with financial accounting, human resource management and other corporate services.  It consists of several feature-rich, ready-to-use application modules that can cost effectively and reliably deliver critical services for your admission, enrollment, academic, security, library, laboratory and other campus requirements.

Campus++, integrated with Enterprise++, is based on proven Open Source and Internet technologies as well as world class, best business practice -based software functionalities.  With Campus++ you can immediately realize your investment and you will be spared from the usual troubles and frustrations that come with technology implementation giving you instant and increased productivity and focus on your core business and customers.

Solution Roadmap

  • Campus Operation Services

    • Admission Support Module
    • Marketing Support Module
    • Student Information Module
    • Enrollment Support Module
    • Student Service Management Module
    • Student Performance (Grade book) Module
  • Campus Ancilary Services

    • Campus Security Support Module
    • Library Support Module
    • Laboratory Support Module
    • Student Health Management Module
  • Public Web Portal Support

    • Students & Parents Portal Support Module
    • Public Web Content Management Module
  • Accounting Services

    • General Ledger Module
    • Accounts Payable Module
    • Accounts Receivable (& Cashiering) Module
    • Cash Management Module
  • Human Resource Services

    • Personnel Information Module
    • Employee Medical Benefits Module
    • Timekeeping & Personnel Tracking Module
    • Web Bundly Module
  • Payroll Services

    • Payroll Support Module
    • Staff Advances & Loans Module
  • Corporate Services

    • Purchasing Support Module
    • Supplies & Materials Inventory
    • Asset Management Module